Wedding Bouquet Style Perfect for Your Personality

Selecting the Most Stylish Wedding Bouquet

wedding flowerThere is no exact rule when it comes to choosing a wedding bouquet. According to experts, it does not matter what you pick for as long as the bouquet channels your personality and style. You can start the selection process with research; you can scan through pictures and inspirations from bridal magazines. There are also plenty of references from the internet.

Biedermeier bouquet: If your wedding is themed with European aesthetics, then it should also reflect in your bouquet. The design of this floral decor is quite unique as it is more structured in circular patterns. Each ring in the bouquet is composed of different flower. With its eye pleasing geometry, it carries contracts and dramatic beauty that is fit for a modern type of wedding.

Post bouquet: If you want small and round type of bridal flower in your hand, this is the ultimate style peg. This bouquet is quite lovable as it is designed with white round roses, organza and velvet ribbons, beading trims and pearl pins. When getting this type of style, there are two options that you can pick—(1) loose and (1) hand tied.  

Nosegay bouquet: If you want a bouquet that has more greens, then pick a nosegay style. Traditionally, this style is characterized with round and small flowers plus herbs. This kind of style has be revived in the 1980s, and now it is coming back as florists try to reinvent its aesthetics to suit modern weddings. Nowadays, this bouquet is characterized with organza and satin ribbons plus much bigger floral decors.

Composite flower bouquet: If you have plenty of cash to lavish on your flowers, this is the style that you should pick. In here, the bouquet is composed of variety of round bouquets. According to stylists, 20th century weddings are characterized with this style.

Arm Sheaf bouquet: This is also popularly known as the presentation bouquet. This type of floral arrangement is very different from the ones mentioned above because all the flowers used have long stems. To complete this type of bouquet, other elements like flowers and foliage should be completed. The overall tones that this style sets are being chic and modern.  

At the end of the day, the selection of your bridal bouquet is up to you. Your goal is to create a long lasting impression with your style. If you need more assistance with the bouquet, please consult with a stylist or a florist in the local area.

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