Tips About Indian Wedding Menu Suggested by Indian wedding Coordinators

Authentic Indian Wedding Menu for the Wedding

One of the most important things in any wedding celebration is the wedding menu aside from wedding photos. When you hire Indian wedding coordinators, they already have lists of foods and beverages that are suitable for such occasions. Usually, Indian wedding coordinators are the ones who ensure that the menu that will be served by wedding caterers is based on the traditional food by the Indians.

Indian wedding is one of the most extravagant weddings in the world. As Indian wedding coordinators it is their responsibility to help any couple to chose the most flavorful and delicious Indian food. Although it is the family and the couple who choose the food, the coordinator will assist and explain why such food may or may not be served during the wedding celebration.

Indian cuisine has rich and strong flavors. This is why having an Indian coordinator will help you choose the food that may be suitable for your Indian guests and to your non-Indian guests. This way, both guests can enjoy the food that is served.

Indian Food

Here are some ideas on what foods can be served during the wedding:

  • The safest food that you may offer your guest during the wedding celebration is vegetarian food. This food can be enjoyed both by Indian and no-Indian guests. You should always remember that serving beef is prohibited in Indian culture because they are considered sacred.
  • Street foods can be served as snack or appetizer during the wedding celebration. Such food is very popular in the streets of India and your guests will surely love these. One of these delicious foods is the Pakora. Pakora is made from bread or chicken (sometimes vegetables) and dipped into a butter or gram flour and then deep fried. There are a lot of variations of Pakora, for a more elegant and presentable, you can serve paneer pakora. There are a lot of chaat dishes, khadvi and samosa  that can be served as starter or appetizer.
  •  When it comes to salad, there are some Indian salads that can be served. Though salads are not very popular, sometimes Indian salads are just adoptation from other Hindu and Arab countries, but they are is still ideal to have especially if you have vegetarian guests.
  • For the main course it is very important to serve four or five types of breads, vegetables and rice. It is also very important to serve 2-3 types of chicken or daal. Finally the naan and chapati should be served along with the main dish. Are you looking for more details about your dream Indian style wedding? Visit our site now!

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