Take Pictures for Free: Top Places to Take Wedding Pictures in Boston MA

Places in Boston to Take Perfect Wedding Pictures for Free

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If you and your Boston wedding photographer are smart enough, you can have your wedding photo shoot venue for free. Yes, that is right. There are some top places to take wedding pictures in Boston, MA for free.

The Public Garden
From the name itself, it is really a public garden. When you plan to have your wedding photography, this place is free of charge because this is a public park. The Victorian style of this park will meet your expectations when you wanted to have vibrant floral patterns. You can also make use of sceneries like lagoon, fountains, monuments and swan boats. This romantic garden setting will boost the beauty of your bridal photography Boston. Instead of paying for expensive garden settings for you photography, why not try it here. You can enjoy the same scenery that you can get from normal wedding garden reception areas.

The Arnold Arboretum
This wonderfully stunning place is located at one of the best schools in the United States, Harvard University. This place could also serve as free venue for your wedding photography. The only problem that you are going to encounter just in case is that there is no reservation. You can just come here and if nobody uses it then you can use it instead. The terrain of this place is really amazing because they have huge array of plant collections. If you wanted a photography that is close to nature, this perfectly fits for you. Why go to other paid arboretum when you can have it here for free?

Dorchester Heights
Talking about nice skyline view for your wedding album photography? Try to check this place out and you will surely fall in love. Aside from being free of charge, this place is historically significant. This park is the existing monument when Boston annexed Dorchester Neck long time ago.

These top places to take wedding pictures in Boston, MA are compiled just for you. We know that preparing for a wedding alone is really expensive so we did a favor for you to research for free venues of your photography.

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