Simple Tips on How to Store Wedding Dresses in Miami FL

3 Tips in Storing Wedding Dresses

Finding a photographer or wedding dress alone takes months and preparations. You need to undergo fitting sessions with your bridal designer. If there are some undesirable cuts then it will take another week to do some alterations until it will finally fit the bride. After the bridal event, the dress that was created for months is simply discarded. It is left hanging somewhere in your closet, alone and neglected. Most brides to this and if you do not want to do this to your lovely gown, you must learn on how to store wedding dresses in Miami FL.

Storing a wedding dress is very simple. You only need three rules which we will be introducing here.

The first rule is to dry clean it after the wedding event. Some brides are interested to sell their gowns after the wedding because they will no longer need it. But for sentimental brides, they try to keep it in good condition so that their future daughter could see it. Bequeathing things including the dress is very common among sentimental brides.

If you do not know how to dry clean your own dress, there are professionals who will do it for you. This process will prevent the gown from having stains and dusts which will eventually destroy the beauty of the dress. Some bridal shop Miami offers such service, you may consider them.

After dry cleaning, you need to wrap it up in an acid free tissue and put it inside the box. By wrapping it up with acid free tissue, you can be able to prevent the gown from being stained by external elements. If you want to display your gown, you can opt to frame it in a 3D shadow box and hang it on your house’s wall.

Or if you are not a fan of dry cleaning and framing, you can also store it naturally like your other clothes. But always remember that you must store it in a place out of reach from sunlight and humidity. The best place to store it is below your bed or maybe inside the cupboard.

These techniques on how to store wedding dresses in Miami FL will help you preserve your dress. If the dress is very expensive, then it deserves to last for a longer period of time for the next generations to see. Other brides may opt to make profit out of their dresses by simply putting them on a boutique store sale.

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