Selecting the Metal Type of Los Angeles, CA Engagement Ring Settings

Metal Type of Ring’s Settings

engagement rings Los AngelesProposing to her means you are ready to commit in a life long journey. If there is a symbol that carries all your hopes and promises, it is the engagement ring. This moment only happens rarely so you should make sure that she is happy about the ring that you are about to give.

One of the many aesthetics of engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA is its settings. As you know, every bride has her preference when it comes to the metal type of their rings. If you are currently customizing her ring, the following options will help you a lot:


If you want a setting that will last a lifetime, this is the metal that you should pick. It composition is 95% platinum and 5% alloy mixture. Since this metal is rare, it is considered as the most expensive among the metals used for making rings. If you have a big center diamond, it can be safely tucked by a platinum prong.

18K Gold

The next option to platinum is this type of gold. It is an ideal gold because of its durability; its mixture is composed of 25% alloys and 75% gold. Unlike platinum, this metal is softer and malleable; in short, it can be easily repaired. Its distinct color is attractive especially for yellow hue loving couples. It also create interesting detail in wedding photographs.

14K Gold

Another variation of gold that is perfect as prong is the 14K gold; its mixture is composed of 58% gold and the rest is mixture of metal alloys. Among the three, this is the most affordable option.

If you cannot binge on the main stone of your engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA, there are many other ways to make the rings pretty. You can always customize its setting in order to compensate aesthetically. Please consult the nearest jewelry expert for more information.

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