Purchasing the Best Shaped Los Angeles, CA Loose Diamonds for Wedding

Loose Diamond Shapes

loose diamonds for weddingIf you have the plan to propose to your long time girlfriend, the choice of shape should not be left out when making decisions. Loose diamonds can be availed in different shapes, and according to experts, the recipient has a say when it comes to shape. Whether it is fancy shape or not, loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA, should have a desirable shape based on the soon-to-be bride’s preference, read more http://www.losangelesdiamondseller.com/.

To guide you with more shape options, here are some of the best considerations to put in mind:

Heart shape: You don’t need to utter the word love if you give her a heart diamond ring. Brilliant cut heart diamond is considered as fancy. The only issue with this shape is it’s not good when availed in 0.50 carats since it looks odd to be classified a small diamond. The shape is very interesting and it add glamour to your bridal photos.

Radiant cut shape: If you want a diamond shape that is something in between princess and cushion cut, it is the radiant cut diamond. This type of diamond is rectangular in shape, so it accentuates itself from the rest of round diamonds.  

Asscher cut shape: This type of diamond is very similar to the shape of emerald, but the only differences are its facets (larger), smaller table and high crown. It is considered as a step higher from the emerald cut due to more brilliance on its surface.

Emerald cut shape: If you want to achieve hall of mirrors effect on your diamond, this is the one that you need. Hall of mirrors pattern is the interplay of dark and light places. What’s interesting about this diamond is you will gain ability to easily spot inclusions.

If you need more help when it comes to the shape of loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA, please visit the nearest provider. Professional jewelers in your area will walk you through different shapes and cuts.

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