Perfect for Nature-Friendly Couples Who Are Looking for Wedding Venues in San Diego, CA

A Place for Nature-Friendly Couples

First created by the University of California graduates in 1964, the Seaworld Parks in San Diego was actually designed as a submerged restaurant. The park started with only 45 employees, a number of dolphins and sea lions and a couple of aquariums. What started as a restaurant turned out to be one of the best places to check if you’re looking for wedding venues San Diego, CA.

Today, the SeaWorld Parks and Entertainments offer world class exhibits, shows and larger than life interactions with animals that are perfect backdrops for a world class wedding photography. These animal habitats are made as natural as the park’s developers can make them. You can experience the world of sea turtles, sharks and penguins and get up close with these fantastic creatures which makes this place as perfect wedding venue San Diego. If you are having hard time gathering information you can visit the official website.

One of the great things that you can do for your wedding photography is capturing the tide pool creatures such as the sea stars and sea urchins. These are perfect if you have an underwater wedding theme. Actually, you can reach into the tide pool and have a hands-on encounter with these cool creatures. Why not hold a starfish in your hands with your partner and perhaps both of you make a wish?

For more adventurous couples, the huge under and above ground pool are great if you’re looking for wedding venues San Diego, CA. In here, you can gaze at the killer whales that swim and glide on the surface of the water. Just like thousands of guests coming here, you can’t help yourself but be fascinated by these creatures for hours.

If you’re an animal lover and you want this side of yourself be evident in your wedding photographs, the SeaWorld has everything that you dream of. There are more than 16,000 animals in this park that you can see, touch and take care. From these 16,000 animals, you’ll never run out of cool and wild ideas for a nature-friendly wedding photography.

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