Less Expensive Alternative for Diamond Engagement Rings in Houston, TX

Elegant yet Cheap Engagement Ring

Before planning for a big day and set aside a budget for wedding venue, catering, wedding photographers, men who would like to propose their girlfriends, usually wait and save for months until they can afford to buy them diamond engagement rings. Well the good news is, there are now less expensive alternative for diamonds and this option of engagement rings in Houston, TX is trending. It is not just budget-friendly but more distinct than a stone attached to a ring.

Engagement RingFor those who are dying to have a stone similar to diamond, yet don’t want a fake one, go for the Moissanite. Similar color, appearance and glitter like a diamond, it is sometimes mistaken a genuine diamond. It may cost around $350 to $2000, a unique jewel you can give to your girlfriend.

It is true that diamonds are girls’ best friend, but maybe your girl prefer something distinct than a diamond. How about considering Sapphire? It typically comes in blue, but you can variety of colors for engagement rings like pink, orange, green, pink and even yellow. For less than $500, you can kneel down and propose to your girlfriend.

Less is more, is what some girls love. Instead of doorknob size diamonds and stones, some expect t receive dainty diamond engagement rings in Houston. Check the $48 Pavé Bow Ring, the floral designed ring or anything that isn’t normal. Your girlfriend would love pearl engagement rings than with diamonds. Freshwater white, gray, champagne, rose or even black pearls can be attached to the ring instead of a gemstone. You’ll be surprised with your girlfriend’s reaction. After all, it’s the thought that counts not the price of the ring.

When you go shopping for engagement rings in Houston, TX, choose the one that you think will look good for your girlfriend and what’s best for your budget, not just what is trending.

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