How to Create a Wedding Budget for Your Special Day

Creating Wedding Budget

weddingWedding is a very expensive event. It is important that you will plan it ahead of time. Together with planning, you also need to set budget for different elements for the wedding. By creating a wedding budget you will be able to determine and control the money that flows out in your hands. If you are planning to save, it is advisable to determine your financial capacity first. In this case, you will be able to budget things easily. Your budget doesn’t always come from your own savings, some of them may be provided by the sponsors.

First you need to know how much it will cost when you married someone in a particular location. It will suggest if you are capable of doing an intimate wedding or a large one. Keep in mind that you also need to spend for the food, photographer, entertainment, dress and decoration. Be realistic on what you can afford rather than dreaming of a fairytale. You also need to know that after the wedding you also need to spend for the honeymoon.

It is crucial to figure out if someone will be helping you with the costs. In most cases, family, friends and sponsors will help you financially. If this is the situation, you need to be particular on how much you will be receiving by asking the exact amount. Many brides may think that this is not proper but if you want to be organized you need do this thing ahead of time. You need to add the amount that you are going to receive to your initial budget. If the total amount exceeded to the amount that you need then you need to set aside the remaining money. It is practical to save exceed rather than spending it all because you also need cash to start home.

Once you already have the total amount you need to assign budget for each expense. This means that you need to determine the most important thing in your wedding. In most cases, 40% of the budget is usually allotted to the food. It is important that you balance everything. Be realistic to the budget as much as possible. For example, you will be having a large wedding; you can just put few dollars for the food. If you will do that, there will be shortage and you don’t want to happen that. Also find a venue that is appropriate to the number of guests without taking half the wedding budget.

Once you start spending for the wedding you need to track them. Lists all the things that you already paid and the money that you spend.  This is very important because you might overspent.

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