Flowers in Las Vegas for Wedding Corsages & Boutonnieres

Beautiful Flower For Your Entourage

When it comes to choosing wedding flowers in Las Vegas NV among couples today, the bride’s bouquet usually gets the attention. While a great deal needs to be given to it, the flowers worn by the groom, his attendants and bridesmaid must be paid attention too to make this lovelier on the wedding pictures.

For Groom & Groomsmen

Classic Boutonnieres – A single rose bloom is a good sample of a classic yet elegant wedding boutonniere. It is usually a single flower, but you can also use a small cluster of flowers. The flowers to use for the boutonniere should be the same with the flowers used in the bride’s bouquet to suit the season and wedding theme.

Creative Boutonnieres – Although the classic boutonniere is still famous, many couples these days opt to be creative and add some zing to the boutonnieres. Instead of a single rose, they use lavender sprigs, sprig of lily of the valley, and include some berries and ferns tied with ribbon.

Flower For EntourageFor Bridesmaid & Female Guests

Traditional Corsage – Corsage is large in size compare to a boutonniere and has more flowers. Traditionally, the corsages are bestowed only to the bride and groom’s mother or grandmothers. However, they can also be given to anyone that the couple wants to acknowledge, like the aunt, godmother or reader. As long as the wedding flowers to use complement wedding theme and dress of the guests, you are all set.

Modern Corsage – Today, florists design diverse group of corsages. The result is a harmonious look, especially when using tiny buds of different flowers and an impressive leaf. If traditional corsages are pinned or tied, you might try to make flower corsages that can be worn with magnet. In addition, flower corsages should vary according to the height and shape of your bridesmaid and female guests.

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