Facts about King Cakes and If They Would Work on Your Wedding in Houston, TX

What are King Cakes?

wedding king cakesYou might be looking at different ways to present a wedding cake on your special day. If you have had enough of the traditional tiered cake or the buttercream frosted cake you may like to look at wedding king cakes in Houston, TX. Before you take a look at what the cake looks like here is a short history of what makes this a “king’s cake”.

Epiphany, celebrated in European nations, denote the coming of the wise men that brought gifts to the baby Jesus. Epiphany is additionally called Little Christmas on the Twelfth Night, and is celebrated twelve evenings after Christmas. Individuals from the greater part of the world observe Epiphany by trading gifts and eating. An extremely prominent custom that is still celebrated is the making of the “King’s Cake” which speaks to the three rulers who brought gifts. A plastic infant is heated inside the King Cake.  Wedding king cakes in Houston, TX are usually made of a cinnamon filled batter shaped into a circle. The cake is finished with a tasty coated frosting and afterward sprinkled with colored sugar. The three shades of the sugar are Purple (speaking to Justice), Green (speaking to Faith) and Gold (speaking to Power) such color will create an interesting detail to wedding photographs. Today the King Cakes are heated with a wide combination of fillings inside the cake.

You may be thinking, “Why in the world would a plastic infant be in a cake?” Well, the cooking of King Cakes is a custom in New Orleans that starts on King’s Day, toward the begin of the Mardi Gras season. A small child, much the same as the ones you see in cake displays, is placed inside the cake.  Basically the whole point of the cake is close to religious and if you are the religious “party animal” type, you may like this cake, https://www.store.3brothersbakery.com/Mardi-Gras-C31.aspx.

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