Different Types of Bad Indian Wedding DJs in Dallas, TX That You Must Avoid

Five Wedding DJs That You Should Not Hire

If wedding photographers capture memorable events, it is the DJ who set the mood in wedding party. You may think that all wedding DJs are the same. That is where you are totally wrong. There are great DJs, alright Djs, and bad DJs. Each of them are good and worst at something. Even if you hire professionals and they seem to be good at what they don, it is for certain that they have weaknesses. When searching for a music provider on your big day, you should know that there are actually different types of Indian wedding DJs in Dallas, TX. The following are actually the ones you should avoid.


The Amateur DJ

A rookie and inexperienced wedding DJ is the least you need for your wedding. Especially if he only DJ is he wants to and not as his profession, this means that he is not consistent in polishing his knowledge and skills. Although Dallas Indian DJs is trained, it would be nothing if he only becomes one for a short time. He does not mean business and may cancel his appointment with you if he wants.

The No Understanding DJ

This type of wedding DJ is the one who will bring overwhelming speakers on your wedding venue and will play music so loud even during dinner without any consideration. For short, he is closed-minded and not professional at all. He only boasts his equipment but actually lacks in skills.

The Limited DJ

This might be finally the one you are looking for, but there is a catch! He is good when it comes to technical skills, knowledge, music variety, and always prepared. He is a pro when it comes to pro and very talented, but is actually not a good crowd pleaser. AS a wedding DJ, it is important that he has the confidence in holding the microphone and be the master of the ceremonies for the day.

The Look at Only Me DJ

This one is the over-confident type of a wedding DJ. To cover for his lack of skills, what he just do is to hold the microphone and perform like it is his own show. By doing a great act, he has no substance at all. You’ll know it if he is noticed more than the bride and groom.

The Extinct DJ

THe cheesiest out of all the Indian wedding DJs in Dallas, TX, he plays like it is still his own time. WIth considering that a new generation has come. He also lacking when it comes to new technology that are more efficient when it comes to being a DJ.

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