Creative Setups Possible Through Houston, TX Crawfish Wedding Catering

Getting Creative with Wedding Food Setup

As a wedding host, it is your duty to serve the best food selection to your guests. Most of the time, the guests will always expect something good in your wedding reception. They clear their schedule just to be in your wedding so it is time to return the favor by giving them the best food selection.

Wedding CateringHowever, not all couples have great ideas when it comes to food. Being creative with the catering is something that most couples really lack. If you need help when it comes to this area, you can always professional help from the representatives of Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX.

To make your food selections really creative, here are some of the best options that you can explore in the upcoming wedding:

Food trucks for the wedding reception. Eateries can be mobile nowadays. If you are holding the reception of your wedding in the backyard or garden, you can commission a local restaurant or caterer for a mobile catering service. In this way, the food can come and go. Come if its needed and go right after the meal has been served. This idea is perfect for wedding photography.

Brunch wedding reception: If most of your guests are really foodies, brunch is the best way to express your gratitude. In this setup, you can add personal touches on the food selections. You can combine favorite foods being served in the morning. There are a number of creative options; you can go crazy with eggs and pancakes, cookies and milk, coffee and toast, bacon and burger, and many more.

Family style wedding catering reception: If you are after large platter and serving, there is no need to hold back with this setup. In here, foods are being mixed up plus you get to save. Your personal signature is being injected to the setup with the guidance of a professional caterer, of course.

Mason jar setup: Mason jars are not only used for wedding decors. They are used a theme for wedding catering now. In this setup, the mason jar are used the vessel for food and drinks. You can serve a lot like desserts, cocktails, salad and many more. This setup is common if you are planning to skip lunch or dinner; it is a perfect option for afternoon reception.

If you don’t know where to turn to at the times of catering needs, working with the professional is best recommended. You can never go wrong with Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX as it is composed of well experienced and professional chefs and staffs. Your wedding only happens once so you cannot mess up in all of the details especially the food preparation and presentation part.  

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