The Coloured Gemstones by Engagement Rings Washington, DC

How to Choose Gemstones

wedding ringDo you want to surprise your girlfriend as you propose to her? What kind of ring will she like? What design will be appropriate for her and her personality? If you wanted to propose to her soon, it is time for you to look for an engagement ring that will really melt her heart. What are the things that you should know first before getting an engagement ring? Read more about the engagement ring pointers for you to decide what ring will be perfect for her.

The Coloured Gemstones by Engagement Rings Washington DC.

Colored. Celebrities started this trend to have a coloured engagement ring. Kate Middleton have a blue engagement ring, if you wanted to give a colored gem for her you can also choose from garnet, emerald, sapphire or the white diamond ring. Nowadays, a colored ring is attractive and unique.

Shape and Style. Choose the shape that would fit her personality. You can choose from round, opal, hear, marquis, square or diamond shape. Observe her jewelries or ask her girlfriend for the style that she likes. You can choose a simple design with a heart or oval shape or you can have square, marquis or heart shape for her.

Customize your engagement ring with the colored stones and create a design that is unique. It will be a ring that will be treasured for years so make sure you will make it worth it. Try to visit our jewellery shop and take your pick on The Coloured Gemstones by Engagement Rings Washington DC, it is worth the visit and the cost. Lastly don’t forget to take a picture as a newly engaged couple.

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