Alarming Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage Couples Should be Aware Of

Signs of a Bad Marriage That Must Be Resolved ASAP

All About WeddingTo every relationship, not everyday is a good day. Especially for married couple, it is normal to have arguments. However, more of it and not being able to resolve it well can lead to an unhealthy relationship. The worse thing that could happen is hurting each other, either physically or verbally, and separation. But first, how do you know if your marriage is not working anymore? There are actually alarming signs that you should be more observant with. You may think of it as normal, but in reality it can turn your sweet days to a bitter or sour one.

First on the list is being filled with rage over the simplest and smallest issues at home. This can actually caused by stressed. If at the smallest problem, both of you not physically or verbally abuse each other even if no one is at fault, then there really is something wrong with your relationship right now.

Another alarming sign is being afraid or desperately avoiding sexual acts with your partner. If before you call it as making love, now there is just nothing more than but satisfying yourselves if ever you still continue with it. However, there are some who needs to be drunk just to get engaged. Still, it is your right to say no if you don’t want to. Even if you are married, it can be called rape if it is forced on you. Being married does not mean that you have to say yes to it all the time.

If one or both of you has to tolerate passive and aggressive behaviour towards each other, then you should be alarmed. Although bickering at one another is one thing, giving passive comments on your inadequacy is not a good thing as well. The two of you should help each other instead of chiding about who does and does not do most of the work.

It is normal to keep secrets but if it is something you don’t usually do to your spouse, then there must be a reason behind it. Apart from having a forbidden affair, you withhold information because you are afraid to be insulted. Being open to your partner is needed for better understanding. Don’t forget that your partner could have already made wrong assumptions even to the secrets that are not supposed to be secrets.

Having an unhealthy marriage can result to resentment. Remember that this is not just about you and your partner. You can also affect those around you especially your children. As soon as possible, have your misunderstandings discussed calmly. Get assistance from counsellors if needed.

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