4 Options for the Silhouettes of Your Wedding Dresses in Omaha, NE

4 Different Silhouettes for Your Bridal Dress

The most difficult part of shopping for your wedding dresses in Omaha, NE is where to begin. As you know, there are thousands of bridal gown options out there in the market that you will absolutely look stunning in your wedding picture. According to bridal experts, brides should always base their choice depending on their figure.

Here are some of the common silhouettes that you should be informed about:

Wedding Dress(1) Ballgown

This dress is characterized with fitted bodice. The skirt flares after the waistline of the bride; if you want to showcase your upper figure, this dress is for you. But among all body types, this dress is well suited for brides with pear shaped bodies. It hides the unflattering lower figure.

(2) A-line

If you want to achieve a letter A figure, this dress is what you are talking about. The upper part has a very fit bodice and then the skirt flares downwards. This creates a vertical look to make the bride taller. This dress is perfect for all body types.

(3) Trumpet

If you want a skirt flare that starts in the mid-thigh, this is the dress for you. This type of dress is perfect for brides who have amazing figures. This is not good for women with pear and apple shaped bodies.

(4) Mermaid

The unique feature of this dress is obvious. The dress is fitted from the upper to lower part; the fitted part ends on the knee and then comes the flair of the skirt. This is perfect for women who have hourglass and slender bodies. This will show off the bodily curves.

The silhouettes of your wedding dresses in Omaha, NE will define the perfection of your outfit. If you need a professional guidance, please feel free to call the nearest dress stylist in your area.

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